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Triggers system/usb/<vendor>/<product>/not_connected events when specified (must be present) devices are missing, i.e. not seen for whatever reason when running the usbutil.devices command.


Returns the lsusb bash command result as a list of dictionaries, each dict is a separete device. An example dict structure is presented below:

  • bus: 001 # the linux system bus number device: 001 # the linux system device number name: Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub # the name of the device product: 0002 # the product number (hex) of the device vendor: 1d6b # the vendor number (hex) of the device


Triggers system/usb/<vendor>/<product>/connected and system/usb/<vendor>/<product>/disconnected events when USB devices are connected or disconnected.

Expects the result to be in the format as usbutil.devices return format.

Shows this help information.