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AutoPi Documentation

This website contains the documentation for the AutoPi IoT Platform. The website will continually be updated with the latest details and functionalities about the platform.

What is AutoPi?#

AutoPi is a cloud platform, and a hardware device that works together. The aim of AutoPi is to serve as a platform for various car projects, as the platform is open and allows for easy customization. The hardware device is built on top of a Raspberry Pi, and can use the RPi Zero, 3 and 4 boards. It is using a modified version of Raspbian.

AutoPi GEN3

The platform is separated in two major parts - the AutoPi Cloud and the AutoPi Core. The Cloud system is the server side of the AutoPi. It has the main website (, which provides a user friendly front-end interface to work with AutoPi devices. The Cloud also has an open RESTful API, which powers the autopi website. However, the API can also be used for your own custom solutions.

The second part of the system is the AutoPi Core, which is the system that's running on the actual AutoPi device. It is built on top of salt stack. The AutoPi Core system works together with the Cloud system by sending data back regularly, so that it is easily accessible by the users later on. Users are also able to change settings, execute commands and work with the device directly through the Cloud.

In this documentation website you will be able to find everything you need to start working with AutoPi. If you already have a device and you're looking to set it up, a very good starting point for you is our Getting started guide.


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