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Queries a given connection class command.


  • cmd (str): The command to query.

Shows this help information.


Runtime management of the underlying service instance.


  • hook list|call <name> [argument]... [<key>=<value>]...
  • worker list|show|start|pause|resume|kill <name>
  • reactor list|show <name>
  • run <key>=<value>...


  • modem.manage hook list
  • modem.manage hook call connection_handler status
  • modem.manage worker list *
  • modem.manage worker show *
  • modem.manage worker start *
  • modem.manage worker pause *
  • modem.manage worker resume *
  • modem.manage worker kill *
  • modem.manage reactor list
  • modem.manage reactor show *
  • modem.manage run handler="connection" args="[\"status\"]"


Reads SMS messages stored in the modem and processes them into system/sms/received events. Those events hold information such as the timestamp of the message (when it was received by the modem), the sender and the text.

Optional parameters:

  • clear (bool): Should the messages be deleted from the modem after being processed? Default: False.


Enable or disable the one shot or periodic unit reset.

Optional parameters:

  • mode (string): The mode in which to operate the command. For available values, look below. Default: None.
  • delay (number): Time interval in minutes after that the unit reboots. Default: 0.
  • reason (str): The reason the reset was performed. Default: "unspecified".

Available modes:

  • disabled: Disables unit reset.
  • one_shot: Enables the unit reset only one time (one shot reset).
  • periodic: Enables periodic resets of the unit.