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This section explores the AutoPi Core system, which is one part of the AutoPi platform. The AutoPi Core is an open-source software running on the hardware device. It is built on salt stack.

What is AutoPi Core?#

The AutoPi Core is a system that runs on the AutoPi device. It includes a vast range of functionalities such as services that manage different components in the device. For example, there is the OBD service, which controls how the device communicates with the OBD-II port of your vehicle. There is also the tracking service, which controls the GPS modem inside the device.

AutoPi GEN3

There are also many modules that provide a single execution commands that help to manage or work with the device. Modules are separated by functionality, for example, the OBD module provides commands that work with the OBD-II port of your vehicle, just like the OBD service mentioned above. The ec2x module has commands to manage the Quectel 4G/GPS modem.



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