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This section explores the hardware components of the AutoPi and how they differ from one generation to another.

AutoPi Hardware#

The AutoPi device is built with two major components - an AutoPi board and a Raspberry Pi. The AutoPi board has the OBD-II connector, used to plug the AutoPi device into your vehicle, but also has many other components (chips) that work together to provide the full AutoPi experience.

AutoPi GEN3

The AutoPi board is then connected to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins and an extra USB connector to build the full AutoPi device. There are two generations of AutoPi devices - Generation 2, which uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Generation 3 (also called TMU), which uses a Raspberry Pi 3A+. It is also possible to use Pi 3B+ or Pi 4 with the TMU device.

We also offer a DiY device, which includes only the AutoPi Board. This way you can decide, which allows you to chose, which Raspberry Pi you'd like to use, while also leaving the assembly for yourself, if you are a tech enthusiast.