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This section is all about the Cloud system. It goes over details, such as the different configuration options that can be set, the events that can be seen from the device. More complex functionalities are also explored in this section.

What is the AutoPi Cloud?#

The AutoPi Cloud is a system created to more easily manage your AutoPi device. The Cloud is divided into several sections:

  • Device management
  • Fleet management
  • API

AutoPi Cloud

Device Management#

This is an area that shows the current state of your devices and allows you to easily change that state to whatever is needed. For example, there is a section of advanced settings that are available that change various functionalities of the device like WiFi, hotspot, accelerometer and power settings. It is also possible to setup the device to send data back to your own servers. This way data can be kept private if needed. It possible to manage and maintain multiple devices at the same type, by applying templates to groups of devices.

Fleet Management#

The Cloud also allows you to view data that has been recorded from your vehicle. There is a dashboard that shows past OBD-II data like RPM, speed and fuel level. The device also sends back information about trips, which are also viewable. The Cloud also keeps track of the events that were triggered on your device. In the events page, you are able to view all events and filter them by date or tag.

Cloud API#

The API gives you acccess to all the same functionalities you see in the cloud. Through the API it is possible to extend the features to your own systems or APP solution and thereby build on top of the platform.



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