Power management of the device consists of a low- and high-level layer:

  1. Low-level
  2. High-level

Status LEDs


Status LEDs are only available on the AutoPi Telematics Unit.

Blue LED

The blue LED indicates the current state of the low-level SPM system.

LED StateDescription
Turned offSPM is in OFF state.
Flashing brightlySPM is in BOOTING state.
Constantly brightSPM is in ON state.
Breathing effectSPM is in SLEEPING state.
Constantly dimmedSPM is in HIBERNATING state.

Green LED

The green LED indicates the current state of the high-level system.

LED StateDescription
Turned offNot running or in the process of booting up.
Flashing brightlyUp and running but NOT (yet) connected to the cloud.
Constantly brightUp and running and connected to the cloud.