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LED and Button States

The AutoPi TMU CM4 comes with an advanced smart power management (SPM) system, which will handle the lifecycle of the device. The status of SPM can be seen from the LEDs on the side of the device and can changed from software or from the Button also located on the side:

LED and Button location

The following state diagram explains this lifecycle. The LED is the Blue LED on the side of the device.

LED and Button states


With the button it is possible to control the state of the device:

Long press (>3s)Can be initated from any state.SPM will go into USER SETUP state.
ClickON StateSPM will go into SHUTDOWN state and thereby either into hibernate or sleep.
ClickUSER SETUP StateSPM will go into HIBERNATING state.
ClickSLEEPING StateSPM will go into BOOTING state.
ClickHIBERNATING StateSPM will go into BOOTING state.

Status LEDs#

Blue LED#

The blue LED indicates the current state of the low-level SPM system.

LED StateDescription
Turned offSPM is in OFF state.
Constantly dimmedSPM is in HIBERNATING state.
Fading inSPM is in BOOTING state.
Fading outSPM is in SHUTTING DOWN state.
Constantly brightSPM is in ON state.
Breathing slowSPM is in SLEEP state.
Flashing medium (once a second)SPM is in USER SETUP state.
Flashing rapidlyeMMC is begin flashed

Green LED#

The green LED indicates the current state of the high-level system.

LED StateDescription
Turned offNot running or in the process of booting up.
Flashing brightlyUp and running but NOT (yet) connected to the cloud.
Constantly brightUp and running and connected to the cloud.
Flashing rapidlyAutoPi Core software upgrade in progress