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Remotely waking up your device

When your vehicle is parked and ignition is off, your device will go to sleep to save power. But if you are working on a project remotely and want to access your device, its possible to wake up your device from sleep.

To do so, simply send a TEXT/SMS to the phone number associated with your SIM card. This will wake up the device.

Its also possible to list the TEXT/SMS send to the device (if you are using a pre-paid plan and want to check status). This can be done from the ec2x module:

Try this command from the terminal:


If you find your device not to respond to the SMS wake up, then there is two things you can check:

1) Check if the modem is "Power save" mode, during sleep. If you go to settings->dongles->advanced->power there is a new section called "modem" "Put modem into lower power mode during sleep? When enabled it is no longer possible to wakup device on SMS."

2) The modem/SIM has a limit on how many unread messages it can contain. To clear the message you can use this command:

ec2x.query 'AT+CMGD=1,4'

Please note: Remotely waking up the device is not possible if your device is in hibernation/deep sleep. This will happen if your battery is in poor condition and voltage drops below 12.2V. This is a precausive measure, to ensure that the AutoPi will never drain your battery.


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