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How to SSH to your device


In this quick guide, we will explore how you can SSH into your AutoPi device.

  1. First connect to the hotspot. By default, the SSID is "AutoPi" followed by the last 13 characters of your unit ID, like so "AutoPi-XXXXXXXXXXXX". Also, by default, the password is the first 13 chars of your device ID, including dashes.



Notice this is not the unit ID like the SSID. You are able to view the device ID in the basic device settings (Account > Devices).

  1. Connect to the device via SSH, using the details below. This can be done via most computers (you need an SSH client), or even mobile devices with an SSH client installed.

    User: pi
    Password: autopi2018 (for pre-7.0 devices) | first 13 characters of the device id including the dash (for 7.0 and up devices)



Quick notes#

Execute commands#

All AutoPi native commands (commands normally run from the Cloud terminal) can be run from the SSH prompt by adding the autopi function in front. An example is:

autopi power.status

This can be handly when doing local development.

Allow SSH connections to the device from your local WiFi#

When you are not connected to the device hotspot, but the device is instead configured to connect to your home WiFi, you will need to change the advanced configuration to allow this SSH connection. This is by default disabled as it can be insecure if you are using a public WiFi connection.

You can find the setting to enable this, in Settings > Advanced > WiFi > Client > Allow Ssh.

In such a case, the host will be the IP address that has been assigned to the device by your router.


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