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Getting started with the Mini

This is a step-to-step instruction on how to set-up you AutoPi Mini. The AutoPi Mini Edition is already setup and just need a few steps to complete the installation.

1. Setting up user account#

First step is to associate the AutoPi Mini with your user account. This is done by going to and following the signup guide here. Please have your Unit ID ready. Your unit ID is printed on the side of your device, but also part of the documentation sent to you per email.

2. Locate OBD port#

Next step is to locate your OBD port in your car, it is usually found underneath the dashboard and looks something like this: - OBD port

The location of the OBD port varies from make and model, but is typically fund in one of the locations shown below: - OBD port location

3. Orientation#

When installing the AutoPi, always make sure that your device faces upwards. The logo needs to face away from the sky, due to the GPS antenna in the AutoPi Mini, otherwise there is a chance you won’t have a good GPS signal.

4. Relocator cable#

If the port is located in an inconvenient place or is in the way of your legs, you can purchase a relocator cable for your AutoPi to keep it in more convenient area. You can also place it in an holder or purchase a velcro strip to secure it on the side or underneath the dashboard, just remember that the logo needs to face downwards.

This is the relocator cable: - Relocator cable

5. Finished#

Your device is now online, connected to AutoPi Cloud, and ready to be used.