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Nested customers

The account section allows an account administrator to manage nested customers, which makes it possible to create an isolated account, assign devices and users to it, so that a customer can manage a fleet of devices, and it's own users.

It makes it possible to have a structure like this.

Customer    users:        |_ user admin    accounts:        |_ nested customer A            users:                |_ user A        |_ nested customer B            users:                |_ user B

The permissions model follows a top down appreoach, and only in that direction, this means that any users created on the nested customers, will only ever be able to see the devices directly associated to that account, at most, ie. full device access for a user on a nested account will see only the devices actually associated to the account, and not devices from the parent account / top account.

So in the example above, user A can only see devices in the nested customer A account, and the same for user B, but the admin user can see devices from both the top account, and any nested customers.

Managing nested customers#

The typical steps are

A. Create a nested customerB. Assign some devices to the new customerC. Create an administrator user on the new account

All interaction with this happens in the Account page.

Create a nested customer#

  1. Click the Customers tab
  2. Click the Create button
  3. Fill out the settings and click Create

Assign some devices to the new customer#

  1. Click Devices
  2. Click Manage devices
  3. Click the newly created customer
  4. Now select one or more devices in the dropdown, or toggle the mode below the dropdown to input the unit id or device ids
  5. Now click Process
  6. The devices are now re-assigned to the new customer

Create an administrator user on the new account#

  1. Now click the Customers tab
  2. Click the customer that was created
  3. Click Users to manage the users for the customer
  4. Click Create
  5. Now create a new user, and remember to set the account to have Account Administration rights, this will make the user have access to the assigned devices, and also to manage the users on the customer.

You should now have a nested customer with some devices associated, and a user.


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