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RANGEMaximum number of g-forces being measured.int8g
SAMPLING RATEHow many samples per second? Increasing this will affect system performance negatively. Only change this value if you know what you are doing.float1.56Hz


DECIMALSMore decimals means a lot more data. Be very careful about increasing this value.int1-
FILTER DUPLICATESFilter out duplicate measurements?boolTrue-
CLOUD RETURNERWhich cloud returner should be used?strcloud-

Wake On Motion#

MODEEnable the device to wake up whenever it detects motion or transient (jolt) acceleration of the device. Transient mode detects jolts (fast movements), while motion mode detects even slow and steady changes in accelerometer readings.stringdisabled-
SENSITIVITYThe sensitivity of a trigger for the motions/jolts. Minimum value is 0 and maximum value is 127. The sensitivity value defines how much G force is required to trigger a wake event using the formula sensitivity * 0.063 = Gint5-


XWake if motion/jolt is detected on the X axis.boolTrue-
YWake if motion/jolt is detected on the Y axis.boolTrue-
ZWake if motion/jolt is detected on the Z axis.boolTrue-