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Key Fob

EXTENSION PORTWhich user extension port on the AutoPi main board is the key fob connected to?int2-
ENABLEDEnable control of a key fob connected to the AutoPi main board.boolFalse-


ACTIONSDefine available actions corresponding to the key fob buttons.json{"duration": 0.25, "name": "green", "pin": {"initial": true, "wire": "green"}}, {"duration": 0.25, "name": "white", "pin": {"initial": true, "wire": "white"}}, {"duration": 0.25, "name": "grey", "pin": {"initial": true, "wire": "grey"}}, {"duration": 0.25, "name": "red", "pin": {"initial": true, "wire": "red"}}, {"duration": 0.25, "name": "black", "pin": {"initial": true, "wire": "black"}}-


DELAY AFTER INITIALIZATIONSpecify a delay after initialization of GPIO pins to ensure a pause before execution of any button actions.int0s
RESET AFTER DELAYHow long time after powering off the key fob should the GPIO pins be reset (all pins set to low)? If a negative value is specified, no reset occurs. If set to zero, reset occurs immediately without any
LAZY INITIALIZATIONInitialize GPIO pins lazily after first manual key fob power state check (or change) instead of during startup?boolFalse-