Battery Events

Below events are calculated from the voltage level measured via the OBD-II connector.

Tag Description Fields
vehicle/battery/charging The battery has started charging. level
vehicle/battery/discharging The battery is discharging. level
vehicle/battery/overcharging The battery is overcharging compared to normal. level
vehicle/battery/charging_slow The battery charges slowly. level
vehicle/battery/critical_level The battery voltage has reached a critically low level. level


Name Type Description Example
level Number Battery level as a percentage. 90

Engine Events

These events are only available for ICE-type cars.

Tag Description Fields
vehicle/engine/not_running The engine is currently not running. This event is usually seen during start-up. -
vehicle/engine/running The engine is now running. -
vehicle/engine/stopped Before the engine was started, now it is stopped. -

OBD Events

Tag Description Fields
vehicle/obd/not_connected Not connected to STN11XX interface. -
vehicle/obd/interface_connected Connected to STN11XX interface. -
vehicle/obd/bus_connected Connected to bus using specified protocol. protocol, autodetected
vehicle/obd/bus_disconnected Was connected to a bus but is now disconnected. -


Name Type Description Example
protocol Text ID of the protocol. 6
autodetected Boolean Has the protocol been autodetected or not? true

Position Events

Tag Description Fields
vehicle/position/unknown The vehicle’s current position is not confirmed. -
vehicle/position/standstill The vehicle’s position is known and stationary. -
vehicle/position/moving The vehicle has started moving. -