Elm327 Proxy

Name Description Type Default Unit
ENABLED Enable the ELM327 proxy to support 3rd party mobile apps like Torque Lite/Pro on Android and Car Scanner on iOS. This is currently an experimental feature. bool False -
PORT Specify which port to listen on. int 35000 -
PAUSE WORKERS Pause all OBD worker threads while the ELM327 proxy is being used? The threads will be resumed when the proxy is no longer in use. bool True -
RESET AFTER USE Reset the underlying STN subsystem after the proxy has been used? bool True -


Name Description Type Default Unit
FILE The filename to which logs should be written. The default directory path is ‘/var/log/salt’ if none other specified. Leave empty to disable logging. str elm327_proxy.log -
LEVEL Change if you want more detailed logging. Please note that more logging can have a negative impact on performance. int 20 -