Elm327 Proxy

Name Description Type Default Unit
PAUSE WORKERS Pause all OBD worker threads while the ELM327 proxy is being used? The threads will be resumed when the proxy is no longer in use. bool True -
PORT Specify which port to listen on. int 35000 -
ENABLED Enable the ELM327 proxy to support 3rd party mobile apps like Torque Lite/Pro on Android and Car Scanner on iOS. This is currently an experimental feature. bool False -
RESET AFTER USE Reset the underlying STN subsystem after the proxy has been used? bool True -


Name Description Type Default Unit
FILE The filename to which logs should be written. The default directory path is ‘/var/log/salt’ if none other specified. Leave empty to disable logging. str elm327_proxy.log -
LEVEL Change if you want more detailed logging. Please note that more logging can have a negative impact on performance. int 20 -